Wednesday, March 11, 2009 that a type of synthetic fabric?

I was watching Battlestar Galactica last night and if you haven't watched it do yourself a favor and watch it. There are only a few episodes left but you can get it on DVD or download it. It's quality sci-fi that uses robots called Cylons as an allegory for bigotry and an exploration of humanity in general. It's really thoughtful and well-written and doesn't have all sorts of weird looking aliens. Who needs them, they just raise the price per episode with makeup and special effects! Anyway the Cylons are bad mo-fos not like your typical comic relief robots, effeminate C-3PO droids, Roombas or what have you. There are two types of Cylons, the scary killer robot variety (as pictured here) and the ones who look like "normal humans" (i.e. supermodels). Not only are the majority of the human looking Cylons hot, they come in multiples! Bonus.

Besides the drama, analogies, deep pondering of humanity, and killer robots, the other great thing about Battlestar Galactica? Frak. They don't say that other four letter f word, in space if you're fleeing from killer robots that you created you say frak. I guess there's just no reason why you can't be sensitive to the young 'uns ears.

All in all it's a frakkin' awesome shot and sadly there are only a few episodes left and I highly recommend it.

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