Thursday, January 21, 2010

New year, old work.

Happy new year faithful blog reader! I realize January is more than halfway over but I've been busy working on my next comicbook project. Once I have some of it scanned I'll post it. In the meantime I've dipped into my archives so here is some of my artwork from  college. Comment if you like it and want to see more. I've got more where this came from!

Hope you like it and happy new year!

E is for embryo
Self portrait


  1. Love the self portrait John. Shades of Alice Neel and Kathryn Myers. Very strong technique. Look forward to seeing more and ore of your work. The comics, too are soo well done. And intrigueing, and fun.
    Your fan, Donna

  2. i remember some of these!!!!

  3. Dropping by to see any recent posts. Try to see Ellen Carey's wondrous and extraordinary exhibition of new "Pulls" at the West Hartford Art League Blue Back Square Gallery (adjacent to north side of REI), "The Black Swans of Ellen Carey: Of Necessary Poetic Realities" (the title from my essay being shopped around for publication). Hours Sat & Sun 1-4 pm. We could meet up. Also, the Joseloff Gallery is opening an exhibition of Chuck Close photographs with poems by Bob Holman ( a New York School poet) entitled, "A Couple of Ways of Doing Something". Opens April 14 and closes June 27, so we have a while. Ellen's closes on April 11. Would love to share it all ensemble.

    Miss seeing your work.