Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday ads for the ladies

More fun with Sunday circulars! These are two for the ladies. First we have a snazzy snap up jacket—perfect for any occasion! As long as that occasion is playing bridge with the gals or Wednesday night bingo. It would also be good for geriatric strippers who want to rip their clothes off in a hurry but stay warm beforehand.

Snap-It-Up bitch!

The next ad is for a real gem. What could be worse than cancer? Why none other than art by "Painter of Light" Thomas Kinkade that's what! Cancer is no laughing matter, which is why Mr. Kinkade teamed up with the good folks at The Hamilton Collection to create a statue for that will give "a portion of the proceeds" to help find a cure for breast cancer. Your generosity knows no bounds "Painter of Light"! This "graceful lady" who "reminds us that the hope for a cure is as timeless as a woman's elegance" was simply inspired by the "romantic paintings" of Señor Kinkade. That means he probably had nothing to do with this. Awesome!

That's all the sarcasm I can muster for this week. Enjoy these ads and I hope to post some original artwork soon.

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