Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fun at the TA Truck Stop

Coming home from a stag party last night I stopped at a Truck Stop near 84 in Southington to buy gum and a drink. I was really impressed with the odd assortment of things you can buy. Maybe it was because I was buzzed? (I didn't drive). Look at the amazing things you can buy here. It was like a treasure trove of trashy trinkets.

In today's busy world who has time for shopping at malls?! While I'm at the truck stop I'll pick up shorts, a nice leather fringe vest and a new do-rag to top off my look. The flaming skull cologne is just the perfect scent to attract the ladies.

These heater meals seemed to be the big new thing at the truck stop. Who knows what kind of magic makes these instantly hot. Nanotechnology? Eat it off a commemorative Connecticut plate and you've got yourself dinner! Not sure what the deck of cards has to do with Connecticut. Maybe the casinos?

There was also a game room where you can play the Connecticut themed Lighthouse game or the New Jersey themed Sopranos pinball.

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